About Me

My Life in Coxley, Wells

  • I have lived in Somerset since 2001 and met my husband here.  We have a growing family and have just bought a larger dinning table to accommodate us when we are all together.
  • We have two mini lop rabbits and a Cockerpoo called Crumpet!  We spend quite a bit of time to and from fields with our youngest daughter for dog agility training and dog shows.
  • We have a camper van and love to take off to the hills or coast to get closer to nature and pursue outdoor activities whether that be on foot, bikes, surf boards, paddle boards or in a canoe.
  • I enjoy growing vegetables and having flowers in our garden
  • Occasionally I paint with acrylic and I’m finding time to write which is a major breakthrough for me as I have found it difficult to get pen to paper for a long time.
  • There is always a reading book or two on the go,  fiction but always some kind of self-help book too.  I’ve recently had a big declutter and been tested for food intolerance to enhance my life.

Homeopathic Story

  • I first became aware of Homeopathy in the Wells Journal in 2006.  I read an article written by homeopaths from The Remedy Centre.  I cut it out as it struck a chord with me.
  • In 2007 my daughter was ill and was about to be admitted to hospital again with a chest infection and I remembered the article I had read and was fed up with antibiotic and inhaler prescriptions and so I took her in my arms, hot with fever, and knocked on the Remedy Centre door.  We were seen that day and my daughter was given a homeopathic remedy and we worked closely with her homeopath for a 6 month period, taking different remedies and she got better with no re appearance of a chest infection.
  • It was such a pleasure to see my daughter gain health and become robust that I felt I too would benefit from treatment for my lingering grief, which I did.   As a family, we turn to homeopathy first now for our health care.
  • In 2008 I was made redundant and took the time to think deeply about what I wanted to do next.  In 2009 I signed up for a 4 year professional study of Homeopathy and have been practicing at The Remedy Centre since 2013.


  • Travel industry – 22 years.  I travelled widely in this time, and have been privileged  to spend time living with the Sammi people of the Arctic and Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian people in Asia.
  • Foresight Fertility – 2.5 years.  Working with couples from around the world to successfully optimise their fertility prospects. This was with consultation and direction in lifestyle choices, eliminating toxins and making positive nutrition choices using, hair mineral analysis, homeopathy, natural family planning and nutritional supplementation.
  • Homeopathy Direct Clinic and Contemporary College Clinic in central Bath and Bristol 2012/13 – Supervised practice
  • Remedy Centre, Wells since autumn of 2013.  I have mainly been working with children and parents on a range of complaints.  For example, anxiety, sleep and hormones.
  • Weleda, training Holland and Barrett Staff on Weleda’s range of 30 over the counter homeopathic remedies. and incorporating the Weleda Bio Dynamic Skin Care Range products into my practice as part of my service to empower people to lead a healthy and happy life.


  • Professional Qualification with the Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol. Class of 2013.  The best study I have done and the learning will never stop! I have regular clinical supervision and attend seminars and conferences for my continued professional development.  I am currently studying homeobotanicals so I can offer herbal tinctures alongside homeopathic remedies to support my clients further with their health/self development.
  • Further Adult Education and Training Certificate
  • Higher National Diploma in Business and Travel


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