Can you heal relationships with Homeopathy?


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To start with, while homeopathy can’t heal the relationship itself, what it can do is change the behaviour of the person in a difficult relationship.  For example, you can get better at standing up for yourself, become more comfortable with saying ‘no’ or confront people who have upset you.

Also, relationships can come to an end when one person decides to move away from a relationship or through death.  Once this happens a grief process begins and Homeopathy is great to help acute grief flow and suppressed grief to be addressed.

Homeopathy is not the only support for relationships.  I have noticed more organisations offering 1-day Relationship MOT retreats which some people say they feel a shift afterwards towards focusing more on each other and the family rather than coasting along.  For example, planning phone-free evenings to chat and perhaps listen to music.

Why not take The Relationship MOT quiz offered by relate, “the relationship people”,  to help you to identify any underlying feelings that may be bubbling away, and help to focus your mind on what’s going well? (I have no affiliation, this is simply one tool you might find helpful!)


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