Hard Day? Find Natural Stress Relief with these Items

natural ingredients in jars

We’re far away from Christmas… but that doesn’t mean we don’t still face similar stressful situations! Long hours at work/home, unexpected family visits, or even just finding ourselves out of our normal rhythms.

In preparation for an event last week, I decided to pick 6 products which would be supportive over any difficult time:

  1. Blackthorn Elixir – Invigorates and fortifies to help you keep up with demanding times
  2. Arnica Muscle Soak – great in the bath after a hard day to soothe you physically and relax you mentally
  3. Rosemary Hair Tonic – the oldest Weleda product!  A few squirts any time of the day on your hair to revive your style and uplift you
  4. Avena Sativa Drops – if you are struggling to get to sleep or wake in the nigh and find it hard to get back to sleep
  5. Digestive Calming Drops – in case you have one too many mince pies!
  6. Stress Relief Spray – to help in times you’ve forgotten an important date or have unexpected guests for lunch

You can use these natural ingredients you pick from your garden, or your favorite natural shop. I also collected them into my online shop, where you can find out more about these products. Take a peek inside the Healthcare and Hair Care sections, especially.

Wherever you source them from, I hope they’ll give you that extra something even on your toughest day!

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