“I’m So Busy” | Why We Find Ourselves With No Time

Busy people at Victoria Station London UK

I can’t help but think how often I hear people say “I’m so busy” or “I’m very busy” which is even more than just being “busy”.  I hear myself say it on occasions too.

So why are we all so busy?
Or are we?

It is predicted that we will spend on average 5 years of our life on Social Media, so this could well contribute to our busy-ness.  I have learnt to limit my daytime use and turned off notifications as I find I get distracted.  I do however enjoy Social Media to catch up with friends’ news during my leisure time!

Perhaps being busy portrays a higher status?  I personally don’t want to feel so busy as I feel it has an impact on my health and well being and I’m sure it does for many of you too.  What to do?

To start with, I try to schedule real work breaks when I can. For example, around Christmas last year I took a 2 week break  – not even checking my e-mails.

I am aiming to think twice about being busy this year to help me refrain from the phrase “I’m so busy” in answer to people when they ask how I am.  I enjoyed this Phsychology Today article on the topic of being busy all the time, perhaps you find it insightful too!

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