Prepare for a Spring Cleaning

spring clean sweep flowers

Spring is a great time to have a good clear out of not only our bodies but also our environment.

Here are 4 great suggestions on where to start:

  1. Drink a glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon on waking to promote hydration, aid digestion and improve skin quality.
  2. Dry body brush before showering to improve circulation, helping to remove toxins, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.
  3. Remove anything you don’t use regularly in your hand-bag.  Keep only the essentials.  You will feel lighter.
  4. Open your post.  Clear away old papers, anything you don’t want or need.  Keep only the stationary and desk tools you enjoy using.  You’ll feel organised.

Choose at least one that appeals to you and start to feel renewed!

Alice Gifford sharing about homeopathy

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