What is ‘Peri-Menopause’ and what can I do?

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I see lots of women at the moment who have noticed changes in their monthly cycle – welcome to world of peri-menopause! Peri-menopause is the period leading up to Menopause which signifies the end of your menstruation. The average length of peri-menopause is 4 years, but for some women this stage may last only a few months or continue for 10 years.

As hormone levels shift with variations in the level of estrogen a whole host of symptoms can be experienced from reduced libido, vaginal dryness, low mood, irregularity of cycle length and changes in menstrual flow with increased pain. Hot flushes and night sweats too.

Since Homeopathy treats each person individually there isn’t a one size fits all prescription for women at this point of their life and I believe a multi-pronged approach is the most efficient to support yourself. For example, alongside taking a homeopathic remedy we can look to make changes to our diet and our lifestyle to help us feel relieved of our symptoms and to move forward into the next third of our lives with renewed rigour and wisdom.

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